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Chance Of a Lifetime Travel – COLT – specialises in educational and adventure travel in Africa. COLT was established in 2003 by teachers who care passionately about making Africa your classroom and opening young minds to the wondrous cultures, peoples, flora and forna of Africa. We want to help you plan and design an expedition so that you may see, as we have, how Africa changes you; how it lifts your body, mind and soul.

COLT specializes in Overland Expeditions, Sports Tours and Educational Tours to Africa.

“My son left as a boy and returned as a man” – Penny Cavenagh (Proud Mum)




COLT is the only company planning expeditions in Africa that is run by teachers who are currently teaching. We also have a wealth of experience as expedition leaders.

Our partnership with EduTours Africa, on-the-ground expedition logistics specialists based in Africa, provides a breadth of support for schools second to none and is unique to the industry. COLT establishes links with poverty stricken schools in Africa. We research their specific needs and match them against the profiles of schools who are able to help.

As current teachers, we are uniquely placed to understand the hurdles you may face. We can help with all aspects of pre-trip planning, however major or minor. We know all about budgeting, age group dynamics, travel safety, visa requirements, risk assessments, immunisations and malaria prevalence. We can help you with the red tape. We can help you with an expedition proposal to the SMT or Governors. We can assist with a multitude of planning documents such as sample letters to parents.

Every school that has planned a trip through COLT has returned to Africa with COLT.



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